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Sake tasting, cocktail & sushi school etc.

Our aim at Yumuchi is to serve you some expertly crafted Japanese cuisine in keeping with tradition and some of our modern creations.

Our menu is designed for sharing and based around the healthy eating so important to the Japanese.

Its not all about Sushi. We also offer some of the favourite street food japan has to offer in the form of hot Tapas, Yakitori skewers, Gyoza dumplings, crispy tempura dishes, noodles, katsu curries, teriyaki, steaks cooked on the Ishiyaki stone grill and a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

The bar at Yumuchi focuses on Japanese cocktails with a fun twist, contemporary cocktails and a collection of Sakes, Japanese Whiskies and Japanese Gins.

We hope you enjoy the experience.


With a wide range of menus there’s something for everyone at Yumuchi
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Bento - The original Japanese lunch.

Designed to contain different food choices in one box for a healthier diet. Choose from seafood, meat, salad, sushi, rice and miso soup

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Japan is famous for it’s Sake, rice wine which can be served hot or cold. It also produces some of the worlds finest whiskies and gins.

At Yumuchi we will be serving a wide selection of these along with some wonderfully designed cocktails

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Tapas & Noodles

Japan is a sensory wonderland and it’s street food scene is no exception. Tatami are small food stalls that can be found along Japanese streets.

At Yumuchi you’ll find some of the favourite dishes from gyoza, teriyaki skewers, tempur and of course its famous noodle dishes

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Ishiyaki Stone Grill

Your food come on a hot lava stone heated to 400C.
Choose how you would like your food from rare, medium, well done and grill away.
Share the food withyour table with our Japanese style tapas dishes (or you can eat it all yourself!)... That’s Ishiytaki style!

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Sushi comes from a Japanese word meaning “sour rice” and it’s the rice that’s at the heart of sushi, even though most people think of it as raw fish. In fact, its the word sashimi that refers to a piece of raw fish. When you eat sushi you might eat cooked egg, avocado, vegetables or cooked fish and meat as well as sushi made with raw fish.

We will be serving all the usual favourites including Maki, Temaki, Nigiri, Sashimi plus Chef’s Specials, all freshly made

Don’t forget to check out our amazing sister bar & restaurant Yumacha!

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